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The architecture office Extrude Studio was established in March 2008, initially activating in the city of Sibiu. April 2009 moved the office and all its related professional activities in Constanta.

Extrude Studio is an architecture office that offers full professional designing solutions for architecture and architecture related fields, at the highest quality standards. A team of young architects, but also experienced specialists and engineers join forces together in our office to meet your demand for architecture design, restoration, urbanism, interior design or specialized consultancy in architecture related fields, giving you the best solution to fit your needs, to the extent of your demand standards.

We are both willing and able to cover the entire architecture related market demand, from solutions for small projects such as individual houses, to greater, far more complex solutions such as office buildings, hotels, industrial halls, buildings in the public administration or urbanistic plans (PUZ, PUD).


On the concerning background of a rising “market oriented architecture”, determined mostly by economical reasons rather than creative-contextual ones, we take forth the mission of re-establishing the authentic values of architecture and their true meanings through our developed architecture projects.

Our office is therefore committed to promote an elegant architectural style, both subtle and expressive, modern and challenging, but at the same time respectfull with regard of the existing traditional architecture, by all means an architecture matching the expectations of the second biggest city in Romania.

Whether your architecture design demands require innovating or traditional designing concept approaches, should you look for fully customized professional designing solutions, then our office is most surely the trustworthy partner you are looking for.


Iulia Cutova

Iulia Cutova


Iulia graduated the Architecture College, from the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” Bucharest, gaining a degree in Architecture in year 2006. With more then five years working background since graduation, Iulia learned to make the difference between the “market oriented architecture”, so easily and irresponsibly handled within the present economical and social context, and the authentic architecture, with all the implications of the architectural phenomena regarding its true meanings. Already during the study years at the university, Iulia consolidated the theoretical knowledge gained in college, through practical approach of the designing process, by working in several architecture offices in Bucharest. Following her graduation, Iulia made her two years architecture practice in a branch of a dutch architecture company activating in the city of Sibiu. After she received the legal right to conduct and and design architecture pojects on her own, as a full legally aknowledged architect in 2008, Iulia established her own privat architecture office.

Having considerable experience to rely on, Iulia proved herself to be a talented, responsible architect, showing both respect and understanding to the existing traditional architecture, while at the same time being continuously concerned with finding new and innovating designing solutions, regarding both the approached concepts and solutions and the corresponding building techniques as well. Nevertheless, Iulia proved herself along the last couple of years as a rather skilled mediator and coordinator of the functional triangle Architect-Customer-Constructor, key-factor of the designing process so very necessary for the successful development of any project. An architect of talent, both dynamic and mature, ready to give everything for finding the best solution to the multiple challenges set forth by the architecture designing process.

Dragos Curtean

Dragoş Cutova

Project Manager

Dragoş has graduated the Engineering in Foreign Languages College, the German Department, at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, gaining a degree in Economical Engineering in year 2005. During the time 2007-2009, Dragoş followed the courses of the Architecture College, at the University of Architecture and Urbanism „Ion Mincu” Bucharest, Restoration and Conservation of Architectural Heritage specialization, subsidiary in Sibiu. As a result of the architecture office Extrude Studio moving from Sibiu to Constanta, he had to drop his architecture studies. Dragoş has a wide experience in the field of production, sales, human resources and project management. Although not to the same extent, due to the partial architecture studies followed in Sibiu, and to the working experience within the office starting 2008, as both project manager and technical drawer Dragoş has good experience in architecture design and in the architecture related fields.

Having both advanced knowledge of the economical field, and being very familiar with the architecture one, Dragoş acts as an interface and at the same time as the coordinating element between our office and our partners from the most various fields. A strong, motivated character, totally dedicated to the achievement of the highest quality standards for the designing services our office has to offer.


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