zonal urban plan

The elaboration and acceptance of a zonal urban plan is indispensable in case of: central areas of the cities, protected areas of historical monuments, of holiday and recreation resorts, of industrial parks, in case of land plotting.

The zonal urban plan is also elaborated for: function and construction system changes in the area, changes of the permitted height indicators, also of the usage coefficient of the plot, the authentication or change of the constructible perimeters towards the front and the other limits of the property, the expansion of the city administrative territory.

detailed urban plan

The elaboration of a detailed urban plan can be carried out only in case of the imposition of this matter in an urban certificate, according to the conditions of the general or zonal urban plan.

The detailed urban plan, together with the architectural illustration, can bring under regulation the following aspects: changing of the occupancy percentage of the land, changing the distances between the constructible perimeter and the lateral and posterior limits of the property.

The detailed urban plan also contains regulations regarding: the good access in the plot area and the connections to the utilities city networks; permissibility and the constrained urban conditions regarding the constructed volumes and the exterior facilities; the functional and esthetic relations with the vicinity; the compatibility of the functions and the buildings; the exterior facilities and the vegetation conformations; the juridical status and the circulation of the lands and buildings.

pre-project or the feasibility study

The pre-project, also called the feasibility study, represents a complex phase in the designing process, where the following aspects are established: the functional, architectural-volumetric conformation, as a response to all the issues rose by the project theme, which must be fully illustrated and enriched by the chosen solutions, within the financial effort limits according to the beneficiary possibilities.

accords and construction permits

The required documentation in order to obtain all the accords and agreements demanded by the urban certificate, necessary for the construction authorization permit: technical requests sheets, documentations extracted from the technical projects from all the specialties (structure, installations) and specific technical memoirs for all the accords and agreements needed.

technical project

The technical project contains all the documentation which combines the execution solutions of an investment object, which is the base for authorizing, preparation, execution process and quality control of the construction works.

The technical project also represents the base for elaboration of all the documentations for the agreements and accords for obtaining the construction permits, established by law as being a part extracted from the technical project; a base for offers made for selection of the constructors; for determining the real cost of the investment; organizing the rhythm of the execution process according to the financial possibilities of the beneficiary; for the advance acquisition of some important materials for the execution works; the final reception of the execution works.

The technical project contains all the specialties: architecture, resistance structure, installations, building site organization.

execution details

The execution details represent the technical related details of the established solution from the technical project, without changing the authorization permit or the estimate costs approved by the beneficiary.

The execution details represent the final phase in the project elaboration process, and it is carried out only after the beneficiary fully accepted the technical project and after receiving the construction permit.

preparation of the execution

The preparation of the execution consists in the choice making process regarding the selection of the constructors and the site supervisor, at the beneficiary request, based on the received offers and on the technical project and the execution details, but also on general market prospects and analyses as well as constructor offers.

building site supervising

The presence of the architect and also of the other specialized engineers on the construction site is an essential component in order to insure the quality of the construction works.

The supervising on the site includes the participation at the determinant phases established by the quality control program contained into the technical project, and also at request, the technical assistance on the site for different construction works.


interior and exterior design

The design of an interior or exterior space represents a phase which follows the elaboration of the architecture project, in case of a new designed building, or can be developed directly for an existing building.

The interior design can contain, from case to case: interior space partitions, finishing details (specific details, materials, textures, chromatics, light studies, decorations, furniture, etc.).


The specialized consultancy accorded to the beneficiary, during a complex project or as a separate service, concerns matters such as: advises regarding the progress and developing of a project, the necessary accords and authorizations, building regulations, the legislation concerning special building classes – for instance protected monuments areas, etc; consultancy can be given also regarding the choice of a constructor or site supervisor, the elaboration of offer demands for selecting one, for the construction materials selection, the elaboration of the construction book or the final reception of the construction works.